Bob Hawke Landcare Award

The Bob Hawke Landcare Award

Celebrating the Landcare ethic and recognising individual excellence in sustainable agriculture

"I am very pleased to maintain an association with Landcare through this award, named in my honour. The Decade of Landcare initiative I declared in 1989 has now spanned well over two decades. This in itself highlights the need and willingness by community volunteers to continually raise awareness and participation in activities directed at protecting the environment and giving their continued support to ensure that the practice of sustainable farming remains paramount."

The Hon. RJL Hawke AC

The Bob Hawke Landcare Award acknowledges an individual who has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to caring for the land; champions better practices; and gives their time to share knowledge with others so that they too can prosper. In 2014 the Bob Hawke Landcare Award was presented to Colin Seis of 'Winnona' in Gulgong, New South Wales. Colin was recognised for his commitment, passion and leadership in sustainable agriculture, through the implementation and sharing of his innovative 'pasture cropping' technique.

The Bob Hawke Landcare Award is an initiative of the Department of Agriculture. Nominations are now closed for the 2014 Bob Hawke Landcare Award.

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